Sustainable CAPE & Art-Making

The day is coming when a single carrot, freshly observed, will set off a revolution. – Paul Cezanne 

Including paintings, sculpture, fabric-work, public events, gardens, dance, music and film. As artists and farmers the work that we do is by nature both creative and collaborative. Whether sowing gardens, growing food, educating, organizing community events, making iMovies of our experiences, or creating more traditional painting and sculpture exhibitions, we are focused on making. More specifically, we are focused on making work that responds to the real needs of our world relating to local food and health.

Led by the artist Francie Randolph, Sustainable CAPE’s programs and events are designed to work together, making a distinct vision of our world tangible and real. Individually each of our programs is an expression of what we find beautiful, meaningful and worth creating. Each program educates, enabling others to join in the creation of a healthier world. However our true strength lies in collaboration: together our programs have grown a deeply rooted food system and a replicable model for change.

Sustainable CAPE’s volunteers, participants, viewers and sponsors connect with their food, environment and each other in new and meaningful ways. We make this work to enable others to see their world from a fresh perspective.

If not art, what is?