Sustainable Seas Adventure in Learning

Inner City and Cape Cod youth sail a historic tall ship from Boston to Provincetown while learning about sailing + navigation, history, collaboration and shared goals of environmental sustainability

Sustainable CAPE brings 5th–7th graders on a true adventure aboard a historic schooner, sailing to Cape Cod for a weekend of discovery. The Sustainable Seas Adventure in Learning (SSAIL Program) brings together inner-city Boston and Cape Cod schoolchildren to focus upon teamwork and collaboration as they work together to rig & sail the ship. The weekend also offers a deeper understanding of the history & sustainability of our food sources and the sea, as well as the historic contributions of different seafaring cultures who landed on the tip of Cape Cod: including Native Americans, Pilgrims, Cape Verdeans & Portuguese.

Shared goals for the future become apparent throughout the weekend. Respect, responsibility, honesty, compassion and fairness are themes woven throughout the activities, lessons and locally-sourced meals. Although many of the children who climb aboard initially notice differences, each child disembarks recognizing a much larger picture of what they share.

New for 2012: Sustainable CAPE is working with the children to create iMovies of their trips. Visually documenting the journey and creating short films from the children’s perspective extends the program and increases the reach of the educational mission. The films will be shown to an estimated 20,000-25,000 viewers through the children’s Boston and Cape schools, the Cape Cod National Seashore, the Barnstable County Fair and the Truro Agricultural Fair. In addition, they will be posted online on many collaborators’ websites.