Truro Agricultural Fair
CHANGED TO: Monday, September 4, 2017: 10am – 3pm

We are sorry for any inconvenience and very much hope to see you there!

Education is… making visible what is hidden as a seed.  — Thomas More

20 Truro Center Road, Truro, MA 02666

PLEASE NOTE THE DATE CHANGE TO MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 4, 10am-4pm. Join us in celebrating Agriculture, Aquaculture, Fishing and Farming on the beautiful banks of the Pamet River. The Ag Fair, a Truro tradition, offers a variety of locally harvested foods from land and sea: buy oysters or lobsters, just picked fruits and veggies, fresh eggs or honey, baked delicacies or a finger-licking local lunch served up by the Cape’s fantastic food trucks.

The fair is free and open to the public and includes Harvest Contests as well as Pie-eating, Pie-baking and Barnyard Beauty Contests. BYO zucchini racecar for our 24’ long Zucchini 500 racetrack (judging starts at noon)! Fiddlers bands play all day; we offer old-fashioned kids games and art-making tables, turnip and rutabaga bowling and lots, lots more.

The Truro Ag Fair showcases the Cape’s history, the foods currently grown and harvested, and connects the health of our local food system to our physical health, environment and future. Step back in time and appreciate all that the Cape has to offer: great food, great community and a gorgeous environment we all can support!

Note: The Fair’s components are documented and measured for replication off-Cape. So everyone can have as much fun as we do…

Goals and Benefits

Our varied displays provide a venue for the exchange of ideas and experience. Every fairgoer can learn about local food as well as positive steps each of us can take to help sustain our physical health, land and water resources. The fair also creates opportunities for involvement, fosters volunteer service, raises community spirit and benefits the Cape’s economy by offering a venue for the community to market their harvest and appreciate their neighbors’ work.

A multi-generational event, the Fair celebrates our harvesting history as we focus upon the future health of our community and this glorious sliver of land. All, of course, while having fun!

Please join us!

Truro Agricultural Fair 2017
Truro Agricultural Fair

Volunteer or Sponsor the Truro Agricultural Fair

We must be the change we wish to see in the world. — MAHATMA GANDHI
Volunteer on the Sunday of Labor Day Weekend

All kinds of people work together to create the fair and have fun doing so, smiling and tapping their toes while listening to fiddlers and bluegrass bands. We share a day of bringing real happiness to others. So whether you are 8 or 88, we’d love to have your help at this multi-generational celebration. We can’t create a community fair without the help of the community – and we’d love to have you on board!

Sign up Now!

Just fill out our Volunteer Registration Form to become a part of this year’s Truro Agricultural Fair.

“It’s a 2 hour shift and really, it’s so much darn fun. Everyone is just out and about – enjoying the day, the food, the music and each other. Sign me up for next year – it’s a real “feel good” day!”

Sponsor our Work

Our individual and business sponsors are another integral part of our success. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation. Together with our supporters we celebrate the local harvest and ensure its future. We sustain our community’s health, and the health of the land and water resources that support us all. We educate people on what they, as individuals, can do to make a difference. If you believe in our work, please join us as a sponsor!

Sustainable CAPE – Center for Agricultural Preservation and Education, the fair’s umbrella organization, is a is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that receives and disperses funds and donations.

Truro Agricultural Fair

The Harvest Market at the Truro Agricultural Fair

Don’t eat anything your great-grandmother wouldn’t recognize as food. — MICHAEL POLLAN

Our Harvest Market is the center of our Agricultural Fair.  It offers a wide variety of the fresh, local goods available. All farmers and harvesters aim not only to sell directly to the fairgoer, but to offer knowledge & expertise as well. Come buy fantastic food just harvested from the land or sea – and learn how you can help sustain our community’s health and environment!

The Harvest Market includes:

Bees & Honey
Eastham Turnips
Clams & Oysters
Fresh Fruits & Vegetables
Wool & Spinning

Baked Goods
Chai and Coffee
Sea Salt
Cheese and Pasta
Beef and Pork
Ice Cream
..and More!

Get Involved!

If you’re interested in selling your Cape Cod harvest at the Fair, please contact us. We’d love to get you involved!

PLEASE NOTE: The Ag Fair exists to celebrate local food and highlight relationship to the health of our bodies, community & environment. Please note that we grant booth space ONLY to Barnstable County harvesters, restaurants offering local foods, and like-minded folks & organizations educating about health and environmental sustainability.

To sell other items please contact Truro Treasures and/or the Wellfleet Oysterfest. Thank you!

Truro Agricultural Fair

Contests at the Truro Agricultural Fair

The day is coming when a single carrot, freshly observed, will set off a revolution. — PAUL CEZANNE

The Harvest Contest

Enter your home harvest goods to win! Categories:

Longest Cucumber | Heaviest Tomato | Biggest Squash | Green Beans | Strangest Veggie | Tallest Sunflower | Best Looking Dozen (eggs) | Most Interesting Varietal | Most Beautiful Bouquet

Drop-off entries from 8:30-9:30 a.m.

The Barnyard Beauty Contest

Bring your farm animal to compete for a blue ribbon! Animals must be caged with water and food; a shade umbrella is suggested (unless its a large animal). If you plan to bring large animals, you will need fencing. We will provide people to tend to the animals during the day. Categories are subject to final entries. (Sorry – no dogs or cats). Drop off at 8am, pick up at 4pm.

The Pie-Baking Contest

Who can bake the tastiest pie? Judges will decide based on overall taste, consistency of filling, and crust quality. Local ingredients mean bonus points! After judging, all pies are sold at the Bake Sale to benefit the fair. Drop off at 8:30-9:30am.

Pie-Baking Regulations: Due to MA State law no pies needing refrigeration can be sold. For example: custard, cream-filled, cheesecake.

Register here for our contests. And don’t forget to sign up early at the fair for the last (but certainly not least!) contest.

The Kids’ Pie-Eating Contest

How fast can you eat a mini-pie? Heats start on the hour from 11:00 on. Big Kids (grown-ups!) at 3:00. No pre-registration; sign-up at the Fair!

Cost to enter: $0
Memories of receiving a ribbon: Priceless!

The Truro Ag Fair’s Zucchini 500

There are two lasting bequests we can give our children. One is roots. The other is wings. — Hodding Carter Jr.

It’s the greatest spectacle in vegetable racing! A limited number of axles, wheels, and zucchinis will be available for children who wish to create race cars on site on a first-come basis starting at 10 am. Or harvest (or buy locally) your own zucchini, add wheels, decorate, and bring your speedster to the fair.

Register at 11-11:30
Judging at 12
Races begin at 12:30

Details: One Z-500 entry per participant only, personally delivered and registered by entrant. A zucchini must be the MAIN part of the entry and may be decorated, carved, painted, or embellished. Each entry must be self-propelled – no motors or additional assistance. The overall width including wheels should be no wider than 7 inches.

Truro Agricultural Fair

Bake for the Community Bake Sale

We eat every day, and if we do it… with a focus and care it can be a wonderful thing. It changes the quality of your life. —ALICE WATERS

A large part of our fund-raising for next year’s fair comes through our bake sale proceeds. It’s a wonderful, feel-good way to participate as a key part of the fair’s operations. We are not kidding when we say that your baked donations make a very real difference to our future. And we aren’t just talking dollars and cents – we  get so excited to buy and try all that amazing deliciousness that comes from the kitchens of Cape Cod. Please join our league of community bakers, invite friends to join in our local baking-palooza, and… Bake On !

Drop-Off: Please drop all baked items between 8-9:30am (though if you’re later… well, that’s okay too). We will keep the goods rolling them out as the day goes along!

Bake Sale Regulations: Due to MA State Law, we are unable to accept baked goods needing refrigeration. All custards, cream-fill pastry, or cheesecake are designated PHFs… those are Potentially Hazardous Foods to you and me apparently.

“This is a bake sale extraordinaire. It’s like an amazing old-fashioned multi-generational Thanksgiving with excitement and gratitude and deliciousness all mixed in… The main difference is the green turkeys are alive and well and gobbling away over by the other Barnyard Beauties!”

Truro Agricultural Fair

Kids’ Events at the Truro Agricultural Fair

Enter our Competitions

Every child who participates in a competition wins a yellow ribbon, but blue ribbons are rare and sought after – and create lifelong memories! You can pre-register your child’s animal, vegetable or pie for the Barnyard Beauty, Harvest or Pie-Baking Contests. The Pie-Eating Contest registration is done the day of the fair – be sure to sign up early! Games and other activities are on a first-come, first-served basis as our volunteers deem best.


Barnyard Beauty Contest
Win a ribbon for your favorite farmyard friends or come say hello and vote for your favorite ducks, hens & roosters, rabbits, sheep, pigs, alpacas and who knows who else. BYO farm animal!

Harvest Contest
Cut that massive sunflower you’ve been watering all summer and bring it down to the Harvest Contest! Or… do you have the longest cucumber on Cape Cod?!  Lots of other categories as well – just enter your home (farm) harvested goods to win!

Pie-Eating Contests
Heats start on the hour at 11.
Big kids (grown-ups) at 3:00!

Games with Truro Recreation:

Come play from 10am to 12pm:

Burlap Sack Race
Three Legged Race
Bean Bag Toss
Egg Balancing on Spoons
Bobbing for Apples
and more…

And don’t forget the:

Pony Rides
Face Painting
Art Making
Turnip Bowling
Hula-hooping and lots & lots more!

Truro Agricultural Fair
Truro Agricultural Fair

Educate at the Truro Ag Fair

The Truro Agricultural Fair celebrates Barnstable County’s agriculture, aquaculture, fishing and farming and educates about the health of our bodies, community and environment. In the spirit of collaboration we invite you to join us in encouraging each of our fairgoers to support our local food system, community health and/or environmental sustainability. If you would like to educate at the fair, please fill out the downloadable application and send it to us!

The Agricultural Fair Silent Auction

You can’t find these experiences anywhere else! From a private dinner with Mark Bittman and Francie Randolph, to a dinner cooked for you and your friends by Chef Michael Ciraldi, to a lobstering charter (keep your catch!), to a sunset dune tour, these experiences are what make the Outer Cape an extraordinary place to be. Come peruse the generosity of friends and neighbors and bid on an adventure. Support Sustainable Cape while giving yourself something wonderful to look forward to in the coming year!


This Year’s Donors: Please Support Our Supporters!

Atlantic Spice Co
Bayberry Gardens
Bayside Betsy’s
Beer Garden
Big Daddy’s Burritos
Cafe Heaven
Canteen Restaurant
Cape Air
Castle Hill
Chequessett Chocolate
Conservation Framing
Fanizzi’s By The Sea
Farland Provisions

Helen Grimm
Herring River Gardens
Jobi Pottery
Karoo Kafe
Keith Thurlow Plumbing
La Propria Cucina Italiana
Lewis Brothers
Mac’s Shack
Maison Home Store
Mayflower Restaurant
PAAM Provincetown Art Association Museum
Sal’s Place
WA Home Store
Whaler’s Wharf Cinema