July 21, 2012
“In July, the BoS took another important step forward to solidify Truro’s Ag future, by establishing a Truro Agricultural Commission under its new Chair, Dave DeWitt. Many know Dave as an organic farmer in town and as part of the leadership of the Truro Ag Fair, along with Francie Randolph. In the Fall 2010 TNRTA newsletter, we urged the local community to think green and think Ag(riculture), and we began to “seed” an agricultural future as a serious part of the economy and the rural character of the Town. We have also supported efforts to move this forward by Truro groups such as Sustainable Cape and the Truro Ag Fair. By giving support to other like minds in the community who share this perspective – some who proceeded us and some who joined in recently – this common vision has gained momentum. Watch this space for ways that part- time residents can be involved hands-on in making Truro grow green…Click for the Full Story!